About the KPBA

The Key Peninsula Business Association (KPBA) provides businesses and other community interest’s opportunities to develop commercial, informational, and social networks.  The organization is active in promoting local businesses through a variety of channels, including bi-monthly meetings featuring speakers who provide timely economic, political and community information.  In addition the KPBA holds periodic social events and offers promotional opportunities, including an informational brochure, and website.

Social outreach opportunities include non-profit sponsorship, annual scholarship awards, and participation in community events. Participants have the unique opportunity to interact with a broad range of community leaders supporting diverse interests, leading to a better understanding of community needs, initiatives, and valued characteristics. This understanding can assist members in better defining their business and its relationship to the community at large.

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A critical component of the KPBA is its effort in supporting community development, which enriches the character and Key Peninsula values. This is reflected in the membership of the organization. Any given meeting will include individuals across diverse backgrounds. You will likely be sitting across from a banker, a non-profit executive director, or a retired nurse, all sharing the common goal of enhancing life on the Key.

Elected officials on both the local and state level are members and regularly attend meetings. This diversity can lead to an opportunity to broaden the reach and focus of one’s business as well support the health and vitality of the community.

So come join us! We welcome your thoughts, interests, and value your contributions!


The Key Peninsula Association is a non-profit organization of leading Key Peninsula businesses, organizations and individuals. The KPBA was formed to promote the economic vitality of the Key Peninsula, Washington area and help keep alive the sense of community for which this Peninsula is known. Our objectives include bringing together the resources of the Key Peninsula business community in order to create and maintain a vital business climate with an enhanced quality of life for our citizens, and to pursue the interests of our members through working in partnership with local, regional and national organizations.


The KPBA hosts a regular meeting each month. It is held on the FIRST Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. Please refer to our calendar for the location as different member businesses will host a meeting.

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The KPBA invites you...

to take advantage of new membership with us:

  • Come to regular meetings (twice a month)
  • get involved with community projects
  • network with diverse regional organizations
  • meet other local business leaders
  • and promote your business to like-minded people.