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Key Peninsula Beaches

The Key peninsula is host to a variety of public beaches both fresh water and salt water.  Whether you are looking for a nice beach to soak up the sun or a good fishing spot, the Key Peninsula has a spot for you.


Key Peninsula – Clams, Oysters, Crabs, and Fishing

Shellfish abound on the Key Peninsula; Oysters, clams, and crab can be gathered as easily as picking them up off the beach, doing a little digging or setting traps – the links below will help you find them!

Be sure to check the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website for rules, regulations, health warnings and closures. The web site also has maps showing some of the suggested locations for shellfish gathering. Shellfish HOTLINE: (800) 562-5632

Be sure to respect private property when you gather shellfish, or access shellfish beaches. Some may be accessible only by boat.