Key Peninsula Business Association Nov. 6th, 2015 Breakfast Meeting

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The meeting was called to order at 7:30am.

In Attendance: Ruth Bramhall, Scott Gallacher, Frank Grubaugh, Barbara Heard, Tara Hendrickson, Cheryl Johnson,
Dick Kelly, Tracey Oliveira, Ed Robison, Todd Rosenbach, Mary Williams

Secretary’s Report: The report was accepted as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: The current bank balance is $14842.34. $4825.00 of this is allocated to 2016 dues. The Treasurer’s
report was approved for audit.

Old Business:
Dues – Reminder that membership fees are due on November 15th.
Annual Banquet – We still need volunteers to help.
Hiring a Bookkeeper: Due to the difficulty of filling the Treasurer position, discussion was had about hiring a bookkeeper
to help alleviate some of the work of the Treasurer. Frank moved to hire a bookkeeper and Todd seconded. Tara from the
Tax Shack abstained from the vote. The motion was approved.

New Business:
2016 Budget: The 2016 Budget was presented. Corrections to be made are: Adjusting the accounting fees based on the
approved $40/month charged by Ellis Accounting and increasing the Networking Events amount to $600 for a potential
summer event. The final Budget will be voted on in December.
Bids for Bookkeeping Services: Three bids were given for bookkeeping – $40/month for Ellis Accounting, $60/month for
The Tax Shack Inc, and $80/month for ABC Bookkeeping. The bids were prepared based on a description of duties
emailed out by Brandy. Ed moved to hire Ellis Accounting based on the cost. Ruth seconded. Tara Hendrickson from
The Tax Shack Inc abstained from the vote. The motion was approved.
Officer Nominations: The following nominations have been made – President, Tracey Oliveira; Vice President, Rosina
Vertz; Secretary, Barbara Heard; Treasurer, Mary Williams
Annual Dinner and Auction – Tracey has been looking into caterers. She presented a bid from JDH Events. The price
would be $16/person for prime rib and salmon. Scott moved to approve the bid and frank seconded. The motion was
approved to hire the new caterer.
Request from Helen Macumber – Helen sent a letter of request that we have name tags at the annual dinner. It was the
general consensus that this was a good idea.
Sponsorship Presentation – Kathy Lyons form the Bayshore Garden Club made a presentation requesting money to put
towards flower pots, banners, and benches for the beautification of Key Center. The pole banners were priced at $150
each and they are looking to get two of them. No other costs were listed, but the club is requesting $500 for the project.
We will vote at the December breakfast meeting.

Individual Reports
Frank Grubaugh, Fire Department – The fire department is working on the 2016 budget.
Ruth Bramhall, Sportsmans Club – They are doing some updates. They’re thinking about getting a new dishwasher and a
new holding tank for watering.
Scott Gallacher – The parks are working on their 2016 budget. The Halloween event were successful. They are hiring for
a new 20 hour/week position doing recreation/office support.
Cheryl Johnson, Costco –It is flu shot season. They can set up an event for 20+ people. The fee is $14.99/person.
Barbara Heard – She received a call from Sound Credit Union’s fraud department because she had a strange charge from
Best Buy.
Mary Williams, Food Backpacks – They are working hard right now.
Dick Kelly, KP Vets – Flag sales are coming up at the Key Center and Lake Kathryn Food Markets. Flags will be at the
cemetery on Veterans Day. The brick order is going in this month. If you want to order a brick, do it soon.
Ed Robison – He is so busy he is turning away work. His son is working with him remotely. 4 Winds Riding has a new
Tracey Oliveira, Serenity Salon – October was slow, but now they are getting slammed for the holiday season.

Friday, November 20th General Meeting 12:00pm – Speaker: The Key Peninsula Partnership Project
Friday, December 4th Business Meeting 7:30am – Be prepared to vote on moving or canceling the January 1st Business
Friday, December 18th General Meeting 12:00pm – Speaker: Tax Tips from the Tax Shack

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