Key Peninsula Business Association Morning Meeting: January 2nd, 2015 @ 7:30 am

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In attendance: Ruth Bramhall, Tracey Oliveira, Tara Hendrickson, Brandy Ellzey, Dick Kelley, Frank Grubaugh, Rosina Vertz , Ed Robison, Todd Rosenbach, Derek Young, and Scott Gallacher
Secretary’s Report: Approved as presented
Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance 12,088.37
Paid Christmas ad. Purchased postage and other operational supplies.
$5500 plus in 2015 membership paid.
Updating Sound Credit Union Account: Incoming 2015 President, Tracey Oliveira, will be added to the KPBA’s account at Sound Credit Union. Brandy Ellzey, who will again serve as Treasurer in 2015, shall remain on the account. Outgoing President, Judson Morris, will be removed from the account. This will serve to update the officers responsible to act on behalf of the KPBA when conducting banking transactions for the KPBA.
Old Business:
E-Mails: Continuing to update e-mail list. Please update your contact information, directing it to Brandy, Todd, or Tara.
Brochure: Beginning to work on layout for the 2015 brochure. Awaiting student photos to include. Please remember to re-new your membership ASAP in order to be included in the 2015 KPBA Brochure.
New Business
Secretary’s Position: Jessica Wisberger will be unable to serve an additional term. A discussion addressing how to proceed was held. It was the understanding of members present that either an election could be opened for the position, or that the association could choose to appoint a willing member to fill a position should an officer resign after being elected. After a brief discussion it was MSC to utilize the appointment process, expediting naming a replacement. Tara Hendrickson was then appointed to the position of morning secretary for 2015.
Officer Update to Bank Accounts: See Secretary’s Report
Dessert Auction Updates: Planning for 10 to 12 tables. Discussion regarding the number of desserts needed for the event.
Auction Items: Rosina and Jessica are just beginning to collect items. Please contact them if you have something for the auction.
Individual Reports
Derek Young: Term officially begins Monday. Shoreline Plan amendments and final vote are approaching. There will be informational meetings before implementation.
Rosina Vertz: Has been on vacation. January 24th workshop, Make Stone Tools with Master Flintknapper Harry Oda, will be held at the Key Center Library, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Scott Gallacher: Gateway Park plans will be presented to the commissioner on 02/02/2015.
Ed Robison: Son off to WSU to studying engineering.
Brandy Ellzey: Key Fest is getting to work. Out looking for sponsorships and vendors. The next Key Fest meeting will be held January 7th at 6:30 pm, in the library meeting room.
Tracy Oliveira: Strong holiday season. Adding client centered services in the coming year.
Tara Hendrickson: Tax Filing beginning January 20th. Time to start collecting and organizing important documents.
Frank Grubaugh: The Key Pen Fire Department has renovated an ambulance, refurbishing the service unit and placing it on a new chassis, resulting in a savings of several thousand dollars. The Fire Department is currently addressing necessary updates to computer systems and other technology infrastructure.
Lions Club: The Citizen of the Year is quickly approaching. Nominations are beginning to be collected.
Dick Kelley: The Key Peninsula Veterans “Trees of Sharing” was very successful. Commemorative bricks are still available.
Ruth Bramhall: Dorothy Parrot recently passed away.
Upcoming Dates
Friday January 16th 12:00 Lunch Meeting. @ El Sombrero Guest speaker: Angel Guild
Friday February 6th 7:30 Breakfast Meeting. @ Homeport
Monday February 9th 6:00 pm – Annual Membership Dinner with Silent & Dessert Auctions.
Friday February 20th 12:00 Lunch Meeting. @ El Sombrero Guest Speaker: Derek Young
Saturday May 9th 10:00 Livable Community Fair @ the Civic Center
Please feel free to add any dates by contacting me prior to any meeting. The best contact for Tracey is:

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