Key Peninsula Business Association Minutes October 17, 2014

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Present: Barb Heard, Bek Ashby, Brandy Ellzey, Chuck Cuzzetto, Dennis Taylor, Ed Robison, Frank Grubaugh, George Robison, Glen Ehrhardt, Hal Wolvesten, Judd Morris Jessica Wisberger, Larry Seaquist, Marcia Harris, Mary Jackson, Phyllis Henry, Rosina Vertz, Ruth Bramhall, Stan Flemming, Tina Oliverra, Todd Rosenbach, Judy Arbogast, Ed Taylor
Secretary’s Report: MSP
Treasurer’s Report: Available on the first of the month at the Business Meeting.
Old Business: The KPBA was a sponsor of the Farm Tour and we had a lot of inquiries about joining at the booth. Well worth the investment.
New Business: Barb Heard is heading up the Road Clean up on October 18th and will meet in front of Home Park at 8:am.
the Night in Paris at the Civic Center was very successful this year.
Guest Speaker: Todd Rosenbach & Ed Robison did a presentation on the benefits of being a KPBA member and how it keeps us connected to each other and the community.
Individual Reports:
Barb Heard with Sound Credit Union announced they are opening 2 new branches in Bothell and Tumwater.
Bek Ashby is a Port Orchard City Council Rep and has enjoyed being a part of the KPBA for the past 10 years.
Chuck Cuzzetto of the peninsula School District will be having a career pathways event on October 21st at 6:pm – 8:pm. The Board adopted the 5 year strategic plan and it’s on the website.
Dennis Taylor of KP Health & Professional Center they are full and 2015 is going to be financially healthy.
Ed Robison of E& L Civil Engineering has his son working with him. As a KP Parks rep. the master plan for Gateway Park needs more public participation. They are also still looking for a new recreation manager.
Frank Grubaugh as a KP veterans representative reported doing well on the Farm tour. As a Fire Commissioner; Budget is a challenge.
George Robison of KP Lions Club will be having a dinner this week for $8 a plate. They are also sponsoring a speech contest in December for 15 1/2 yr. olds to 20 1/2 yr. olds. $500 scholarship awarded to a KP resident.
Glen Ehrhardt of the Red Barn opened 2 months ago and serves an average of 20-24 kids a day. They still need volunteers and mentors.
Jud Morris of the KP Family Resource there is a great need for help on the KP.
Larry Seaquist WA house of Representatives advised us to mail in ballots early to avoid political calls.
Marcia Harris of KP City Council says the new board will be in place in November and the KP Bus Connect is doing well.
Phyllis Henry of Angel Guild announced they are getting ready for Halloween and have had several business going out of business donate to them, so there are a lot of new items.
Rosina Vertz of Key Center Library they are having a card drive there are still a lot of community members without a card. They have lots of services to offer the community.
Ruth Bramhall has been a member for 25 years and enjoys being a part of it.
Stan Flemming Pierce County Council is working on new signs for Palmer Lake and permits for Gateway Park.
Tina Oliverra of Serenity Salon they are getting thru the construction.
Judy Arbogast running for State Senate.
Mike of Frog Creek Lodge they are located by Volunteer park. Have large event venues.
Ed Taylor of Westwynd they are doing some needed repairs.
Meeting Adjourned
Next Meetings: November 7, 2014 at 7:30 am at Homeport and November 21, 2014 at noon at El Sombrero.

Respectfully Submitted:
Jessica Wisberger

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