Key Peninsula Business Association May 1st, 2015 Breakfast Meeting

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The meeting was called to order at 7:32am.
In Attendance:
Ruth Bramhall, Brandy Ellzey, Frank Grubaugh, Barbara Heard, Tara Hendrickson, Dick Kelly, Jud
Morris, Tracey Oliveira, Ed Robison, Todd Rosenbach, Janet Schonk, Danna Webster, CC Williams
Secretary’s Report: Jud Morris made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Brandy Ellzey. Approved as
Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance $12002.22. Expenses paid recently included the insurance, web site maintenance,
linens and gym rental for the annual dinner, and flowers from the sunshine fund. Paid but not showing on the report is the
$250 for the annual Two Waters Spring Fling as well as the license.
A copy of the 2015 budget and a Profit & Loss statement were provided. Jud Morris moved to approve and Frank
Grubaugh seconded. Approved and filed for audit.
Old Business:
Marketing & Web site: We are looking for a point person to be the main point of contact/liaison between Chad Oliveira
and the association. Charles Ellis has agreed to be the initial contact temporarily during the transition.
Liveable Community Fair: Volunteers are needed to sign up. Currently Ruth, Ed, CC, Chad, and Tracey have all signed
up. Also, be sure to submit new or updated info for your business prior to the fair.
June Lunch Meeting: Jud once again encouraged the membership to send emails to current legislature and ask that they be
present at the June Lunch meeting. Contact email information was sent out in prior lunch meeting minutes.
New Business:
Peninsula School District Education Fund: KPBA typically sponsors the breakfast fundraiser each year. This year the
event will be expanded to a breakfast and a lunch. Jud has recommended that we continue to just sponsor the breakfast as
opposed to doing both. The membership will vote when there is more information on the event. The fundraiser will be
October 9th in Canterwood.
Children’s Home Society Golf Tournament: The tournament will be September 18th. Last year, Children’s Home received
a check for $20,000 because of the event. The KPBA typically sponsors at $250. Last year the association voted in a
one-time increase to the sponsorship of $100. Jud has asked the membership to increase the sponsorship again this year to
$350. It gives the association greater exposure and gets our name out to several Port Orchard businesses and residents.
Barb Heard said that exposure in Port Orchard was good because they see a lot of Port Orchard addresses for customers at
the Key Center Sound Credit Union. The membership will be voting on the suggested increase at the June Breakfast
KeyFest – Brandy Ellzey announced that the fair has been cancelled for 2015 due to a lack of sponsorship funding. The
fair association will be meeting to start revising their plans and looking toward 2016. They have offered to reimburse
sponsorship funds to all sponsors at the request of the sponsors. Otherwise the funds will be held onto for 2016. Brandy
will remain the speaker at the May lunch meeting as a representative of the fair.
The membership was asked to vote on whether or not to request a refund. The question was asked if the fair had enough
money to refund all of the sponsors and vendors. Brandy stated that there was. She also stated that the cancelation would
be advertised in the newspaper. Many valid points were brought up regarding whether or not the refund should be
requested. It was stated that we want to continue to show our support for the fair and that we do not want them to be
without any needed funding. It was also pointed out that leaving these funds on the books for another year is not
customary for bookkeeping, the association could use these funds for other unexpected expenses that have come up like
the web site, and that the fair may need sponsorship in a smaller or larger capacity next year depending on what they do.
Finally, the donation policy of the by-laws was brought up and it does not state anything regarding refunds.
Todd Rosenbach made a motion to request a refund. Jud Morris seconded. 11 voted for it and 2 against. The majority
has the vote and a refund will be requested. It was the consensus of the group that a letter of appreciation and continued
support should be included with the request.
Tara made the suggestion that the $500 be put toward the web site budget for the year due to the increased costs. The
membership will vote on what to do with the money at the June Breakfast Meeting.
Farm Tour: The Tour will be October 3rd. Danna Webster submitted a letter requesting sponsorship of $250. Todd
Rosenbach suggested an increase in the budget for this sponsorship next year because the association gets a lot of
attention at this event and the event has grown every year. This will be decided when next year’s budget is made.
July Breakfast Meeting: Next month’s breakfast meeting falls on July 3rd. Ruth made a motion to cancel the meeting and
Todd seconded. The vote was unanimous. There will be no July Breakfast Meeting.
Thank You’s: We received a thank you note from CC Williams for the flowers. She is doing better. Laura Lee, our usual
server at the breakfast meeting received our card and thanked us for the personal financial donations.
Individual Reports
Frank Grubaugh, Key Peninsula Fire: The lid lift was voted to be put on the August election ballot for voters. This
restores a tax already voted in by the voters and gives the fire department much needed funding. The Toastmasters will be
having an open house on May 14th at 8am.
CC Williams, Better Properties: This is the start of the selling season. Homes are going fast. Prices are going up and
interest is staying low.
Ruth Bramhall, Sportsman’s Club: The Saturday garage sale and Sunday breakfast actually made a bit of a profit! The
fire department has a flyer out. The septic is doing fine now.
Danna Webster, KP Community Council: May 13th is the business meeting and will discuss the money they were awarded
for the school bus Connects program. They received $100,000 for the program plus a second grant to be able to add a 3rd
day. Jan Angel will be present at the June business meeting. The farm tour wants the KPBA to utilize the booth they are
given as sponsors and be present at the tour. Brandy Ellzey manned a split booth for KPBA last year and said she spoke
to a lot of people and handed out a lot of brochures. Adopt-A-Road will have two roads coming available soon – Vaughn
Rd and Hall Rd.
Janet Schonk, WA Parks: The floats are back together at Joemma Park. The Ranger is looking for a Part Time Aid. The
position is 4 months running roughly from May 16th to September 15th. They are flexible on starting and ending. The
applicant should be 18+, be able to pass a background check, and have a valid driver’s license. Call Joemma Beach if
interested. Reservations start May 15th. Penrose is booked for Memorial Day weekend already. May 15th is the last day
for clam & oyster digging at Penrose. The parks have asked for $64 million in financing, but the proposed budget is
suggesting they may only get $15 million. If you are concerned about parks funding, you are encouraged to speak to your
Barb Heard, Sound Credit Union: The part time person is doing great. Barb is retiring. Her replacement will be
Stephanie Wilson who has worked at the branch in the past. The scholarship committee will announce the recipients after
the presentation.
Dick Kelly, Key Peninsula Vets: The biggest problem the KP Vets has is finding out who needs help. If you
know of a vet in need on the peninsula, notify the KP Vets. They may be able to assist with finances,
medications, meals, and companionship. May 24th the KP Vets will be doing the Aisle of Honor at the Vaughn
Cemetery. Please park at Vaughn Elementary and shuttle over.
Ed Robison: Business is busy, busy, busy. Four Winds Riding Center is picking up a new Apaloosa that is 17 hands high.
This new horse will be sued to increase the number of riding lessons offered and also for the vaulting team.
Jud Morris, KP Family Resource Center: For many renters, the recession is not over and financial stress means bad
decision making. The resource center is able to assist with utilities and rent for those in need.
Brandy Ellzey, KeyFest: The fair was canceled, as discussed prior. The Angel Guild shelves are running low. They are in
need of items, especially men’s items.
Tara Hendrickson, The Tax Shack Inc: Tax season is finally over! If anybody didn’t file an extension, it is too late to file
for one. You just need to get those taxes done.
Tracey Oliveira, Serenity Salon: The salon is hopping and the girls are all busy. The new Massage Therapist will be in on
Tuesdays and Saturdays and she is amazing. They are upgrading their security system and can refer you to the company
if you need to upgrade yours.
Todd Rosenbach, LPL Financial: Good indicators of people coming out of the recession are things like Penrose being sold
out for Memorial weekend, while others clearly have a long way to go and petty crimes are an indicator of that. Business
is good. He joked with a client who moaned about paying $4500 in taxes and suggested that they could revers the
$97,000 in trades that were made to cause the tax bill.
The meeting adjourned at 8:35am.
Upcoming Dates
Saturday May 9th 10:00 Livable Community Fair @ the Civic Center
Friday May 15th 12:00 Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero Guest Speaker: KeyFest
Saturday May 23rd Memorial Day Dance Longbranch Improvement Club
Friday June 5th 7:30 Breakfast Meeting @ Homeport
Friday June 19th 12:00 Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero
June 27th KPCS Golf Tournament
Please feel free to add any dates by emailing Tracey prior to any meeting.

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