Key Peninsula Business Association Lunch Meeting: March 20th, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

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In attendance: Ruth Bramhall, Don Tjossem, Bernie Wiles, Donna Lester, Matt Lester, Janet Shonk, Frank Grubaugh, Phyllis Henry, Ed Robison, Dick Kelly, George Robison, Lori Deacon, Bek Ashby, Jud Morris, Cheryl Johnson, Guy Allen, Barbara Heard, Michael Ouellette, CC Williams, Rosina Vertz, Ed Taylor, Dick Taylor, Tracey Oliveira, Dennis Taylor, Laura Condon, Tyler Main, Brian McLean, Chuck Cuzzetto, and Todd Rosenbach
Secretary’s Report: Approved as presented
Old Business:
Marketing: We are making progress on obtaining a new webmaster and getting geared up to make some changes in our marketing plan.
Brochures are available. Ask Chuck Ellis, Todd, or Tracey
New Business:
Jud Morris: KPBA June Legislative Update: Please e-mail your representatives to let them know how much we value this event and look forward to their attendance and presentations. E-mail addresses are as follows:
Jan Angel:
Jesse Young:
Michelle Caldier:
Brochure Committee: We need some help distributing the new brochure to the members who could use them at their location. This is a great way to introduce yourself to other businesses and see what their place is about.
Livable Community Fair: Sign up for a 1-2 hour shift to man the booth and hand out business cards and brochures. Contact Tracey.
Today’s Guest Speaker:
Scott Gallacher, Executive Director, Key Pen Parks
The Gateway Park Master Plan
Scott Gallacher presented Key Pen Parks Preferred Master Plan for the Gateway Park property.
The proposed Plan calls for several phases.
The first phase prioritizes access and infrastructure that enhance current usages. This includes separate site access and exit areas to mitigate traffic issues, as well as defined and developed parking areas. Key Pen Parks was selected to receive a highly sought after grant that will help pay for a significant portion of this first project.
Later phases will address expansion, including an array of possible recreational structures and modifications that would allow additional usages. Later phases will require continued community support, as well as access to grants.
Individual Business Reports:
Phyllis Henry: The Angel Guild has increased community donations in each of the last three years, with a significant increase in this past year (a total of $84,000 was awarded this past year).
Don Tjossem: New book covering mountain climbing in Washington is due out soon.
Matt Lester: All Around Gutters does more than gutters.
Donna Lester: DK Property Management has moved into new, larger offices in the same building. Other office space is still available.
Bernie Wiles: New Beginnings Real Estate has also moved. Homes priced to sell are moving quickly.
Laura Condon and Tyler Main: The Red Barn is open and serving the community’s teens.
Barbara Heard: Sound Credit Union has a position available for a part time teller.
Mike Ouellette: Frog Creek Lodge will do their Road Clean Up on Saturday, March 28th, beginning at 8 am. Help is welcome. Volunteers will meet at the corner of 64th and the Key Peninsula Highway.
Chuck Cuzzetto: The Peninsula School District will hold its first Early Learning Jamboree at the Gig Harbor North YMCA, on Saturday, March 21st. The Peninsula School District received recognition for student participation in making a commitment to the College Bound Scholarship program.
Dennis Taylor: The Key Peninsula Health and Professional Center is currently at full capacity.
Bek Ashby: Interested to hear events currently happening on the Key Peninsula.
Ed Robison: Working on numerous engineering projects. Lori is attending an Equestrian Coaches Clinic.
Frank Grubaugh: The District 16 Advisory Panel is forming and will be meeting to help provide direction to the fire department.
Dick Kelly: The Key Peninsula Veterans have several Spring Events approaching. Commemorative Bricks are available.
Lori Deacon: The LIC is available for rentals. March is traditionally a quiet month at the LIC. There is increased activity in the real estate market. The Farm will be a little less active this year as there are a handful of projects to be completed.
Ed Taylor: The motel is getting ready for the busy season that may be a little early this year given the weather.
Janet Shonk: Seasonal employees are needed at Penrose State Park. Contact Janet at the Park in order to apply.
Scott Gallacher: Key Pen Parks Grants were awarded to The Red Barn and The Farm Tour.
Jud Morris: The Children’s Home Society (Key Peninsula) was the recipient of a $20,000 check from Peninsula Subaru.
Guy Allen: The Fire Department will be holding their Annual Awards Dinner this weekend.
Ruth Bramhall: The Jackson Lake Sportsmen’s Club Annual Breakfast is approaching. Ruth will be selling tickets for the event.
Cheryl Johnson: Costco is offering a Spring Promotion for new members, including the receipt of a $20 cash card.
CC Williams: Consider making your real estate purchase while rates are still low.
Rosina Vertz: Pierce County Reads selection, The Boys in the Boat, is available at the library. Several activities relating the book are offered this spring.
Tracey Oliveira: The salon, in conjunction with Ravensara, has received their permit for new signage. The building will soon be painted. The salon has added a massage therapist.
Chad Oliveira: Google is changing search parameters in response to the shift to mobile devices. Mobile compatible sites will be imperative to maintain web presence.
Upcoming Dates:
Saturday March 28th 10-noon Pet Easter Egg Hunt @Volunteer Park. Rain or shine
Friday April 3rd 7:30 am Breakfast Meeting @ Homeport
Saturday April 4th 360 Trails Poker Pedal. Check in 8:30 to 9:30am. Awards around 12:30. This is a Family friendly event. For more info go to
Friday April 17th 12:00 Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero Guest Speaker: TCC
Saturday April 25th Parks Appreciation Day 9-noon. Sites include Home Park, Civic Center, Rocky Creek Conservation Area, and 360 Trails. Family friendly with Hot dog lunch for Volunteers
Friday May 1st 7:30 am Breakfast Meeting @ Homeport
Saturday May 9th 10:00 Livable Community Fair @ the Civic Center
Friday May 15th 12:00 Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero Guest Speaker: Key Fest
Please feel free to add any dates by contacting me prior to any meeting. Best contact for Tracey is:

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