Key Peninsula Business Association Lunch Meeting: February 20th, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

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In attendance: Amy Faeth, Bernie Wiles, Janet Shonk, Frank Grubaugh, Marcia Harris, Penny Gazabat, Derek Young, Phyllis Henry, Christina Hallock, Mary Ann McDonald, AJ Million, Ruth Bramhall, Larry Seaquist, Bek Ashby, Jud Morris, Danna Webster, Cheryl Johnson, Guy Allen, Barbara Heard, Michael Ouellette, Rosina Vertz, Ed Taylor, Dick Taylor, Tracey Oliveira, Joshua Mayer, Marcia Harris, Chuck West, and Todd Rosenbach
Secretary’s Report: Approved as presented.
Old Business
Thanks to everyone for their support of the dinner! The event was a huge success, including the auction.
New Business
Adopt a Road Litter Clean Up: Scheduled for Sunday, February 28th at 8:00am. Breakfast following.
Scholarship Committee: Meeting will be set for some time in March. Barbara Heard will coordinate.
Web Site: Changes will be forthcoming. The KPBA will pursue changing management.
Guest Speaker today: Derek Young, Pierce County Council
Derek Young presented an update regarding issues presently being addressed by the Pierce County Council.
The Comprehensive Plan: Updates to the Comprehensive Plan are due by June 30th. Funding and access to grants are at risk for non-compliance with the deadline. Efforts are being made to preserve community plans when addressing county and state requested modifications to those plans.
Shoreline Master Plan:
Community Development Committee Public Hearing: Monday, March 2, 2015 – 1:30 pm County-City Building, Room 1045
FINAL COUNCIL ACTION- Tuesday March 10, 2015 – 3:00 pm Pierce County Council – Final Hearing County-City Building, Room 1045
Proposed County Administration Building: The proposed centralized facility is the result of studies initially begun in 2009, when Pierce County Facilities Management began conducting an analysis of service deliveries in all facilities, owned and leased.
In 2012, The Annex study was commissioned to investigate facility consolidation and the potential impacts, both negative and positive, on service delivery. The County Executive’s Office assembled an interdepartmental team to conduct the study. The results of the study suggest that consolidation may provide substantial net savings to the county. In addition, consolidation could lead to better inter-organizational communication and coordination of services. Finally, consolidation may provide increased access and greater operational transparency.
Individual Business Reports
Joshua Mayer: Representing Camp Stand By Me. The camp is getting ready for the summer season.
Bernie Wiles: New Beginnings has moved into a new office in the same building.
Amy Faeth: Serv Pro provides Free Fire Board Ups in addition to comprehensive cleaning services.
Marcia Harris: KPC Connects Ridership is steadily increasing .
Frank Grubaugh: The Fire Department is looking for community members to join the Advisory Panel.
Janet Shonk: Penrose State Park. Seasonal positions are available beginning April 1st.
Guy Allen: The Fire Department’s Annual Audit went extremely well.
Danna Webster: The Community Council’s upcoming meetings include:
3/5/15 @ 7 pm. Derek Young will present. At the KC Fire Station.
3/11/15 @ 6:30 pm. LUAC and The Comprehensive Plan. VFW Room at the Civic Center.
Ruth Bramhall: The Sportsman’s Club is working to improve their forest land.
Rosina Vertz: Watch for the Library’s many offerings, including book sales, technology classes, and demonstrations.
Jud Morris: Key Free Clinic will host an Open House on March 5th, at 6 pm. It will be held at their site, next to the Library.
Larry Seaquist: There are 2 openings on the Citizens Advisory Committee that addresses tolling on the Narrows Bridge.
Penny Gazabat: KPCC is currently analyzing The Food Bank Program in order to find ways to enhance services.
Lori Deacon: Currently affiliated with Gig Harbor Real Estate. Also the Rental Agent for the LIC.
Dick Taylor: The Westwind Motel provides assistance to families who are impacted by a fire.
Tracey Oliveira: The salon is busy. Working on adding new signage to the salon.
Barbara Heard: Sound Credit Union has been impacted by cold and flu season.
Michael Ouellette: Frog Creek Lodge offers a number of retreat options, and is located conveniently on the Key Peninsula.
Bek Ashby: The Transportation package recently coming out of the Senate does not provide any funding for the 26th District. The Belfair By Pass is a component of the package.
Phyllis Henry: Come see the new things at The Angel Guild.
Jessica Hallock: Key Pen Parks new website is online. The Gateway Park Concept Presentation will be held on Wednesday, March 4th , at 6:30 pm at Minter Creek Elementary School.
Cheryl Johnson: Upgrades to credit card processing machines will be necessary to deal with new smart chip technology and to protect merchants from changes in laws that will shift responsibility to them. Costco can assist with the necessary upgrades.
Upcoming Dates
Friday March 6th 7:30 am Breakfast Meeting @ Homeport
Friday March 20th 12:00 Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero Guest Speaker: Key Pen Parks
Saturday May 9th 10:00 Livable Community Fair @ the Civic Center
Please feel free to add any dates by contacting me prior to any meeting. Best contact for Tracey is:

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