Key Peninsula Business Association April 3rd, 2015 Breakfast Meeting

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The meeting was called to order at 7:30am.
In Attendance:
Ruth Bramhall, Brandy Ellzey, Scott Gallacher, Frank Grubaugh, Barbara Heard, Tara Hendrickson,
Dick Kelly, Tracey Oliveira, Ed Robison, Todd Rosenbach
Secretary’s Report: Scott Gallacher made a motion to approve and it was seconded by Frank Grubaugh. Approved as
Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance roughly $12,000. Final report not available.
Expenses paid recently included the fee for the Liveable Community Fair, the PO box, and insurance. The license fee is
coming up.
A copy of the 2015 budget and a Profit statement were provided. Ruth Bramhall moved to approve and Ed Robison
seconded. Approved and filed for audit.
Old Business:
Marketing & Web site: We are making progress in obtaining Chad Oliveira. A proposal was submitted to the board. The
consensus overall was that the proposal was fair. Brandy Ellzey brought up concerns regarding the web site budget and
the possibility of increasing the web site budget by moving some funds out of marketing was discussed. Tara
Hendrickson brought up concerns regarding terms for payment. These will be brought up with Mr. Oliveira.
It was also decided that a permanent file should be kept with the secretaries that lists all information with regards to the
web site, hosting, and log in information. Currently we know that Laurie Ellis opened our Go Daddy account, Charles
Ellis is able to give us access to some of the maintenance areas, but Jeff Nelson has the controlling access.
Liveable Community Fair: Volunteers are needed to sign up. Currently Ruth, Ed, CC, Chad, and Tracey have all signed
June Lunch Meeting: The membership is encouraged to send emails to current legislature and ask that they be present at
the June Lunch meeting. Contact email information was sent out in the March lunch meeting minutes.
Brochure: Thank you to Scott and his team for delivering brochures throughout the community.
Scholarship Committee – 28 notebooks were combed through and 4 lucky recipients were chosen. They will be
announced at the May 19th meeting.
New Business:
Pierce County Economic Development Meeting: Tracey was able to inform the membership that this group focuses
mostly on bigger businesses that serve outside the local area and most small businesses won’t qualify for the program.
Judd has invited them to the August meeting.
Individual Reports
Todd Rosenbach, LPL Financial: The markets closed today. Also, CC stepped down from the scholarship committee due
to a mild heart attack. He made a motion to get flowers and Brandy Ellzey seconded. Approved unanimously. Todd also
let us know that our regular server at the Homeport is having health issues. They are hosting a raffle to help her and a
card was brought for everyone to sign.
Barb Heard, Sound Credit Union: The part time slot at the bank has been filled. The new employee’s training will start in
a week or so. Port of Seattle Credit Union will be merging with Sound Credit Union. They are by the airport.
Scott Gallacher, Key Pen Parks: April 4th is the poker pedal and people signed up all the way from Mill Creek. WA
Conservation Corps is putting in more trails. April 25th is Parks Appreciation Day and there will be work done out on the
360 trails. While the parks are waiting for approval on the Gateway Park Master Plan, they are going ahead with some
work on the backside of things.
Dick Kelly, Key Peninsula Vets: The Key Peninsula Vets performed the flag raising at the little league.
Tara Hendrickson, The Tax Shack Inc: The deadline for taxes is April 15th. Get your extensions filed.
Brandy Ellzey, KeyFest: They are in the middle of the permitting process. They have some exciting entertainment lined
up. Judd won the Citizen of the Year.
Tracey Oliveira, Serenity Salon: The building has been painted. The new massage therapist starts Tuesday. Spring is
color season.
Frank Grubaugh, Key Peninsula Fire: Follow the fire department on Facebook. They are working for a lid lift. $1.50 per
$1000 was approved by voters but it has a lid after $100,000. A lid lift will restore what was approved by the voters and
help the fire department get money that is much needed for reserves and maintenance.
Ruth Bramhall, Sportsman’s Club: The fisherman’s breakfast will be the last Sunday of the month. The septic will also be
back in service soon.
Ed Robison: Business is good. He has too much work. Also informed us that less than 1/1000th of actual vehicle accidents
impact road design. There is currently a motion before the Pierce county council to prohibit partying on boats in waters
on the Key Peninsula due to a report last year of nudity on the boats.
The meeting adjourned at 8:07am.
Upcoming Dates
Firday April 17th 12:00 Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero Guest Speaker: TCC
Saturday April 25th Parks Appreciation Day 9:00-12:00.
Friday May 1st 7:30am Breakfast Meeting @ Homeport
Saturday May 9th 10:00 Livable Community Fair @ the Civic Center
Friday May 15th 12:00 Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero Guest Speaker: KeyFest
Saturday may 23rd Memorial Day Dance Longbranch Improvement Club
Please feel free to add any dates by emailing Tracey prior to any meeting.

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