Lunch Meeting: September 18, 2015 @ 12:30PM

Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime.

Lunch Meeting: September 18, 2015 @ 12:30PM

In attendance: Tracey Oliveira, Ruth Bramhall, Frank Grubaugh, Phyllis Henry, Hal Wolverton, Todd VanScotk, Carolyn Wiley, Danna Webster, Glen Ernhart, Barbara Heard, Ed Robison, Michael Ouellette, Larry Seaquist, Dennis Taylor, Katie Baird, Chuck Cuzzetto, Ed Taylor, Marcia Harris, Susan Paganelli, Tom Borgen, Leslie Harbaugh, Brian McLean and Scott Gallacher.

Old Business:

2016 Officers: Looking for 2016 officer nominees—Contact Tracey if interested.

Membership Dues: Due by November 15

New Business:

Farm Tour: KPBA will have a booth at Gateway Park.

Roadside Clean up: Set for October 10th at 8am. Meet at Home Park, breakfast will follow at the Homeport and be paid for by KPBA.

Guest Speaker: Brian McLean with Peninsula Light Spoke to the three programs that Peninsula Light provides Financial Assistance.

 Project Help

o Need to qualify based upon financial need

o Funding
 By donations
 Matched by board of Directors of Penlight $110,000
 On average help 550 families per year
 Senior Discount for ages 62+
 Permanently Disability

Individual Business Reports:

Hal Wolverton: Accepting volunteer applications, hiring for 3 replacements.

Todd VanScotk: Water Rescue for both fresh and salt water.

Frank Grubaugh: 2016 Budget meetings are open to the public.

Ruth Bramhall: Jackson Lake sportsman club

Phyllis Henry: Thank you for the donation, great gift selection for Halloween and office supplies

Mike Ouellette: Frog Creek little pick up on September 19th.

Barbara Heard: Sound Credit Union interviewing for position.

Dennis Taylor: Going Well

Ed Robison: Engineering going well; four winds part of farm tour.

Ed Taylor: Finishing up video system and business is good.

Chuck Cuzzetto: School district M & O levy in 2016 with meetings on September 21 & 22.

Tracey Oliveira: Serenity Salon specials for holidays

Katie Baird: Candidate for Pierce County Charter Review

Carolyn Wiley: Art show at Blend, September 22 Farmer introductions, fiber art show and antique tractor show at LIC as part of Farm tour.

Danna Webster: KP Community Council October 6 candidate forum. Hiring for Executive Director for the Key Peninsula Healthy Community initiative with funds for transportation, health wellness,
and hunger.

Glen Ernhart: Red Barn 1st year anniversary celebration “Raising the Barn” on Saturday September 19 2-4pm. Serving 30-40 youth and need additional space.

Leslie Harbaugh: Candidate PSD positon 4.

Marcia Harris: Candidate PSD position 1, October 8 Peninsula Education Foundation Breakfast and Lunch, KP Bus connects 3 days (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday) KPAC $10,000, Transportation and social needs.

Susan Paganelli: Health communities

Tom Borgen: Gig Harbor Rotary incoming president.

Scott Gallacher: 2016 budget for Parks, Gateway Park Playground design.

Upcoming Dates:

Friday October 16th 12:00 pm Lunch Meeting @ El Sombrero

Please feel free to add any dates by contacting me prior to any meeting. Best contact for Tracey is:


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