Lunch Meeting: June 19, 2015 @ 12:00PM

Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime.

Lunch Meeting: June 19, 2015 @ 12:00PM

In attendance: Jeff Minch, Brandy Ellzey, Stephanie Wilson, Michael Ouellette, Dana Rosenbach, Phil Bauer, Larry Seaquist, Dennis Taylor, Jud Morris, Ruth Bramhall, Frank Grubaugh, George Robison, Randy Spitzer, Penny Gazabat, Marcia Harris, Patricia Ghiossi, Barbara Heard, Derek Young, Brian McLean, Ed Robison, Jud Morris, Penny Gazabat, Ed Taylor, Dick Taylor, Judy Arbogast, Janet Shonk, Leslie Harbaugh, Danna Webster, Guy Allen, Scott Gallacher, Cheryl Johnson, Tracey Oliveira, Derek Kilmer, Andrea Roper, Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier, and Todd Rosenbach.

Secretary’s Report: Approved as presented


Membership Dues Billing Schedule: 2016 Dues will be billed in September, to be paid by November 15th .

Legislative Update

Derek Kilmer, US Congressman: Congressman Kilmer shared the many successes and challenges that Congress is addressing and related the impact of decision making at the federal level on the local community.

Michelle Caldier, State Representative and Jesse Young, State Representative: Representatives Caldier and Young chose to present together, sharing their perspectives on the struggles the Washington State Legislature is addressing in striving to find commonality among competing interests and pressing needs in creating a compromise budget.

All representatives took ample time to address Audience questions as a well as note concerns fielded by lunch attendees.

Individual Reports: It was agreed to forgo Individual Reports in order to allow additional time for the Legislative Update.

Barbara Heard’s Retirement: The meeting closed with a cake honoring Barbara Heard on her last Friday at work before retirement. She has promised to stay involved! Thanks to the KPBA member who made this happen, the cake was delicious!


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