Breakfast Meeting: October 2, 2015 @ 07:30AM

Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime.

Breakfast Meeting: October 2, 2015 @ 07:30AM

In Attendance: Ruth Bramhall, Brandy Ellzey, Frank Grubaugh, Barbara Heard, Tara Hendrickson, Cheryl Johnson, Dick Kelly, Tracey Oliveira, Ed Robison, Todd Rosenbach, CC Williams, Scott Gallacher, Rosina Vertz

Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report. Minutes from the September lunch meeting are not available yet.

Treasurer’s Report: Current bank balance is $10,020.34. $3,000.00 of that is allocated to 2016 dues. Todd made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Scott.

Old Business:

We will have a booth at the Farm Tour this Saturday at Gateway Park from 9:45 until 5:00pm.

2016 Officers: Still looking for officer nominees. Contact Tracey if interested in filling a position or nominating someone for a position.

Dues: Reminder that membership fees are due on November 15th.

New Business:

Secretary Report: Todd and Tara suggested that the Secretary’s responsibilities be modified to just taking notes at the official business meeting (the morning meetings). It was also discussed that the official business of the KPBA does not include the business reports for each member’s business. It was suggested that members who have important information they want included in the newsletter should email it to the secretary and it should be 5 sentences or less. Frank made a motion to approve these suggested changes and make them part of the Secretary’s job description. Ruth seconded. It was unanimously approved and will take effect January 1st, 2016.

Roadside Cleanup: The next clean up is scheduled for October 10th at 8am. We will meet at the Home Park and
breakfast will follow at the Homeport.

Brochure Design: Tracey asked for input on the next brochure. CC, Dick, and Scott all volunteered to be on the brochure committee. The committee will review the design and shop around to get bids for somebody to design and print the new brochure.

Annual Dinner and Auction: We need volunteers to take on some of the responsibility. Sign up for: wine donations,
serving wine and beer, picking up ice, coffee service, invites printed and mailed, assisting with the auction, assisting with dessert auction. More items to come as we brainstorm. Rosina and Jessica are currently heading the auction committee and Barb is heading the dessert auction committee.

Individual Reports: 

Frank Grubaugh, Fire Department – The fire department is expecting 300 to show up at the breakfast tomorrow. They
have also decided to remount the ambulance onto a new chassis to save money.

Ruth Bramhall, Sportsmans Club – They are recycling a fridge for the church.

Cheryl Johnson, Costco – Costco donated 20 cases of water for volunteers at the Farm Tour. It is flu shot season. They have set up a flu shot program at the Gig Harbor Fire Department and Pen Light. They can also bring a tech to any location that can get a minimum of 20 people. The fee is $14.99/person.

Todd Rosenbach, LPL Financial – No Report

Scott Gallacher, Key Pen Parks – The parks are gearing up for the Farm Tour and the 2016 budget. All Hallows will be
10/24 and is kid friendly. There will be a mountain bike event on the 360 trail on Halloween.

Barbara Heard – The Herron Island ferry had dock maintenance 3 weeks ago.

CC Williams – No report.

Dick Kelly, KP Vets – There was no representation from the KPBA at the Artists’ Open Studio Tour.

Ed Robison – 4 Winds is ready for the Farm Tour. They will be doing vaulting and riding demos.

Brandy Ellzey, Keyfest – No report.

Rosina Vertz, KP Libray – Classes are ongoing at the library. Many of them are free computer classes.

Tara Hendrickson, Tax Shack – 10/15 is the final deadline for tax returns.

Mustard Seed – There was an open house last week. They are expecting to build a new facility in 3 years.


Saturday October 3rd 10:00am – Farm Tour 10am to 5pm
Thursday October 8th 7:00am – PSEF Breakfast
Friday October 16th 12:00pm General Meeting – Speaker: The Mustard Seed Project
Friday November 6th 7:30am – Business Meeting


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