Breakfast Meeting: May 4, 2018 @ 7:30AM

Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime.

Breakfast Meeting: May 4, 2018 @ 7:30AM

Present: Barb Heard, Todd Rosenbach, Ed Robison, Jud Morris, Rosina Vertz, Dick Kelly, Nancy Carr, Cheryl Johnson, Marcia Harris, Carolyn Wiley and Frank Grubaugh.

**Upcoming Guest Speaker – WorkSource Job Center – May 18 12:00pm El Sombrero Restaurant **

Agenda Approval:

It was MSC to approve the agenda.

Secretary’s Report:

It was MSC to approve the minutes from April 6, 2018 as presented.

Treasurer’s Report:

Ed reported total cash on hand of $9,762.59. It was MSC to approve the report as presented.

Association Business:

Scholarship Award Presentation:

Jud will present awards to chosen recipients on May 16 at Peninsula High School.

Livable Community Fair – May 5 10-3pm

Bring your business materials to Jud’s office today (11-4pm) or to the event at 10am. Help volunteer at our booth.

Road Clean – Update

Twenty bags collected. Rained the first hour. Thank you to: Mike Ouellette, Laura McClintock, Ed Robison, Rosina Vertz, Gina Cabiddu, Crystal Ho, Jud Morris and Barb Heard.

Funding Requests:

Jud has received 3 donation/sponsorship requests since last month, some budgeted and some not. The Farm Tour request is budgeted. KP

Community services is requesting $250 for the Logging Show. It was MSC to sponsor $250 for the KPCS Logging Show event. Dick inquired about a donation for the Art Walk. Jud will make contact with the Flavors of Fall committee regarding advertising with a $250 donation. It was decided to dedicate the June business meeting to discussing funding items and our budget.

Website Update: Todd will contact Chad regarding transferring all website parameters over to the KPBA.

Guest Speakers/Lunch Meetings

May – WorkSource Job Center July – KeyPen Parks Update

June – Legislative Update Aug – Red Barn Youth Center

Individual Reports:

Barb – Has been getting scam phone calls using our local prefix 884.

Ed – Licensed in another 6 states now.

Carolyn – The Farm Tour is working to raise the last $3000.

Dick – The KP Veterans Aisle of Honor will be Sunday, May 27.

Cheryl – Costco has recognition opportunities for donating to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Marcia – KP School Bus Connects will shuttle attendees to the Aisle of Honor again this year.

Rosina – Toastmasters now meets at Wright Bliss Fire Station on Thursdays at 8:00am.

Nancy – LIC Memorial Day Dance (May 26).

Frank – KP Fire Dept has had a high number of responses lately and recruits are starting shortly.

Jud – CHS “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren” will meet on May 21st this month due to the Memorial Day holiday.


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