Breakfast Meeting: February 2, 2018 @ 7:30AM

Come for a visit. Stay for a lifetime.

Breakfast Meeting: February 2, 2018 @ 7:30AM

Meeting called to order at 7:30am by Jud Morris.

Present: Barb Heard, Scott Gallacher, Todd Rosenbach, Ed Robison, Jud Morris, Rosina Vertz, Carolyn Wiley, Charles Ellis, Dick Kelly and Frank Grubaugh.

**Upcoming Guest Speaker Pierce County Council Update {Derek Young 7th District) El Sombrero Restaurant Feb. 16 12:00pm


Secretary’s Report:

It was MSC to approve the minutes as presented.

Treasurer’s Report:

Ed reported total current assets as $11198.41. It was MSC to approve the report as presented.

Association Business:

Annual Dinner Updates-Date 2/5/18

Todd reported on several details. Scott reported the brochures will not be out in time for the dinner.

Website Update:

Charles reported on an issue with the pages needing to be transferred over to KPBA pages. KPBA owns the domain. Further discussion will take place at the next meeting.

Budget Update:

The brochures cost a little more than budgeted, while a few 2017 dues were paid, helping with the income. Scott suggested emailing invoices in the future, which will be discussed later in the year. Scott also suggested getting a square for payment processing. Further discussion on budget at March meeting.

Additions to the Agenda:

Scholarship Committee

Discussed increasing amount from $2000 (budgeted) to $3000, which will be determined after considering Annual Dinner Silent Auction proceeds. Committee members include: Barb, Todd, Ed and Marie.

Marketing Ideas

Charles and Todd presented ideas of getting back to  our mission of focusing on businesses on the KP which include: feature local businesses   and individual members in the KP News, history of KPBA, focus on members and community, publish through Facebook. Discussion ensued on budgeting for costs, the process, and needing a professional writer. Discussion will continue at next meeting.

Guest Speakers

Jud requested ideas from members on who or what subject matter is desired. Carolyn suggested Small Business Administration. Another suggestion was water quality issues with the DOE. Email Jud with ideas for guest speakers.

Individual Reports:

Jud, CHS – Gave $10,000 in utilities and rent assistance this past month.

Rosina, KC Library – Survey forms inside the library to see what people want for their libraries. Open houses during February.

Dick, KP Veterans – Not too busy right now.

Carolyn, UC – Spuds and Suds fundraiser coming March 17. Planning for 2018 Farm Tour.

Scott, KP Parks – Seasonal work available. Gateway Park is busy. A joint letter was written for roadway improvement along 302.

Frank, KP Fire Dept – Getting additional training and education so commissioners can get caught up.


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